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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...g and learning for inclusion, open education strategies, cases o...ity assurance issues arising, open education perspectives and op...Current trends in quality in open, online and flexible learning...slow, but our sharing and our open professional collaboration sh...

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Our reflection on Brexit

...Let us continue together, observing and preparing for the future which is yet to come. We hope that this brings the minimum possible effects to our open professional collaboration....

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June, 2019

...h the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning, with t...tion to professionals in Europe in the field of open, distance and e-learning thro...Practical Guidelines on Open Education for Academics: mode...

895 days ago

May, 2019, Part 2

...dquo;I find the whole enterprise daunting”: Staff understanding of Open Education initiatives within a UK university "“Open” initiatives, which foc...

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Programme elements explained

...with one theme as focal point. Session chairs will support thematic and structural facilitation. Open and Oxford Debates The Open Debate session will serve to...

2612 days ago

Position paper for the 2014 NAP SC election

...sues. Thereby, if elected, I intend to establish a regular Twitter backchannel called #NAPchat, where members can discuss professional issues in an open and focused manner. It is env...

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IRRODL Paper published: Supporting professional learning in a massive open online course

...To integrate formal and informal learning, professionals have to have good self-regulatory ability. Formal learning opportunities are opening up through massive open online courses (MOOCs), provi...

2598 days ago

CAMELOT Project Website

...d in networks and synergies promoting digital video, immersive learning, open educational resources, digital literacy skills, and massive open online courses....

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The Battle for Openness - Pre-#EDEN15 Conference Interview with Martin Weller

Steve Wheeler's interview with Martin Weller   Now and then, I have the privilege to interview some great thought leaders in the field of education. I usually feature them on this blog under the banner of 10Q - ten questions. This time, I'm very happy to interview ...

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2457 days ago

The Open, The Digital and The Face-to-Face - Prof. Jeff Haywood in Interview

by Alastair Creelman (@alacre)   Prof. Haywood is one of the keynote speakers of the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference in Zagreb (#eden14).  Alastair Creelman (Linnaeus University, Sweden) sat down for an in-depth interview prior to the Conference to discuss open learning, certific...

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Comment on "Synergy WG: Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning"

Experties offered Support universtities to create open resources ICT knowledge center for teache...ding up a network in the theme of social media in the classroom using an open source networking engine like...

2735 days ago

Comment on "Pre-Workshop Thoughts of the Rapporteur, Tony Bates"

...tomorrow (Sunday) in Oxford, with the event being hosted by the UK Open University, one of the main s...orkshop myself several years ago in Barcelona, when I was working at the Open University of Catalonia, and...

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