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Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

...Childhood Education and Care would join the international blog...s. The NEST International Group is an opportunity for member...Success Stories that speak about practices that are noteworth...cial needs. To contribute you have to register to our multi...

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Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

NEST OFFER: we created a pool of resources of ECEC related documents and good practices. This NEST Library contains resources in eight languages (Engli...rowing as the whole NEST Community can submit resources. As the project is in...

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Comment on "Synergy WG: Inspiring teaching practices and competence development for ubiquitous learning"

...n) Capacity building for young researchers: Easter interested to train their young teaching staff how to gain...Training teachres about inquiry based learning in cl...ew project ideas for caring about end users. How to reach teac...

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Comment on "Conference Evaluation"

Dear Conference Delegate, thank you for joining the 2014 Annual Conference of EDEN. We hope that you have spent useful and enjoyable days in Zagreb. We would greatly appreciate your fee...

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Comment on "Book recommendations of the 2014 Book and Wine event in Zagreb"

...teaches a class filled with other young Yugoslav exiles, most of wh...ot; Abandoning literature, Tanja encourages her students to indulge...her class—and pulls her dangerously close to another—whi...r diary, Zlata became moderately famous. International journalists v...

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Comment on "Pre-Workshop Thoughts of the Rapporteur, Tony Bates"

...14 by Tony Bates I’m now in England, about to attend the EDEN Research...sted by the UK Open University, one of the main sources of systematic research in...and e-Learning Network) This is one of my favourite events, because the aim i...

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