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Let's Make Literacy Attractive: an Interview with David White

'The absolutely vital about education is that people who are getting it have to want it.' Motivation is the key for learning and David White, former Director at the European Commission's DG Education and Culture, is motivated to learn. Watch him responding to 3 questions in this in...

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3717 days ago

Learning Knowledge and Wisdom for All in Late Modernity - Bob Fryer's keynote speech

Bob's inspirational speech steered up talks on learning methodology and if there is a 'right' way of learning in today's society. He later elaborated some of his concepts left out from the speech in an interview (see his interview here on EDEN's blog below). http://www....

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3718 days ago

Hacking Your Education - Dale Stephens' keynote speech on unschooling

It all started with the theme drop-outs and formal education. Dale, the youngest keynote speaker of all times in the history of EDEN Conference talked about unschooling as a new way of learning. Watch and share your opinion: is this the end of education? Dale J Stephens talked at the EDEN 2...

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3718 days ago

Technology Divides and Builds Bridges: Morten Paulsen

This mini-interview with Morten F. Paulsen, President of EDEN, was made in Porto at the EDEN Annual Conference 2012. The discussion went around the theme: Open Learning Generations - Closing the gap from "Generation Y" to the mature Lifelong Learners.&...

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3725 days ago

I Am a Sort of Guinea Pig for Principles that I Have Advocated

In our series of interviews with keynote speakers at the 2012 EDEN Annual Conference, Steve Wheeler sat down with David White for a chat.   David White is Honourary Director General at the European Commission, and is a passionate believer in lifelong learning. Ahead of hi...

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