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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...tegies, cases of modernization of education, emerging virtual exchange practices and much more. The Oxford de...Sweden, October 20, 2016 Presentation “European Policy and practice in Digital skills and Compete...

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There Are No Limits to EDEN

...s Senna described it. I'm happy to realise that our Association's limits have been continuously pushed and that our field of research and practice expects of EDEN more and more...

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April, 2019 Part 2

...hapter Proposals: Academic External Examining Practices An e...y have implemented institutional policies and practices in the field....and a Practitioner Brief as well as the Good Practice Showcase online repository de...

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April, 2019 Part 1

...efits and challenges. Recent examples of best practice will be presented, focusing o...cale transformation up into digital education practices established for the good of...rly people, disadvantaged people, etc.); best practices; case studies on innovative...

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Teacher training tutorial

...hen such viewing is followed by small group discussion of the teaching techniques and subsequent peer-evaluation of each trainee’s teaching practice, the trainees’ learning...

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IRRODL Paper published: Supporting professional learning in a massive open online course

...ittle evidence of professional learners routinely relating the course content to their job role or work tasks, and little impact of the course on practice. This study adds to the overa...

2598 days ago

Paper download: Giving Teaching Back to Education: Responding to the Disappearance of the Teacher by Gert J.J.Biesta, University of Luxembourg

Phenomenology & Practice, Volume 6 (2012), No. 2, pp. 35-49. Author: Gert J.J.Biesta, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg Email: As shared by...

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