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There Are No Limits to EDEN

...been continuously pushed and that our field of research and practice expects of EDEN more and more in each passing year. Delivering the Senior Fellow Award to Tony Bates, at the S...

2243 days ago

Post-Millennium EDEN Through the Eyes of a President

...rning, e-learning, organisation and education. Erwin was a member of the EDEN Executive Committee for two terms (1995-2003) and is an EDEN Senior Fellow.

2254 days ago

EDEN - A Community for Collaboration

...Classroom Initiative. In my time as President we introduced the EDEN Fellow scheme to acknowledge and sti...the EDEN Executive Committee for two terms (1999-2007) and is an EDEN Senior Fellow.

2255 days ago

EDEN Anniversary Reflections

...he importance of the EDEN Awards, Fellowships and Anniversaries, I add...ublin. It included the first EDEN Fellows day and a noteworthy Keynote...Jun 28, 2011 The first EDEN Fellows’ Day Nov 30, 201...terms (1992-1998) and is an EDEN Senior Fellow....

2257 days ago

All about EDEN

...uals; and the introduction of the Fellowship scheme which has so succe...formatics, and appointed Visiting Senior Online Consultant at the University, Denmark; Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Distance Ed...University. Alan is also an EDEN Senior Fellow....

2258 days ago

EDEN: 25 years as a Learning Environment

...dent (1992-1995). Erling was a member of the Executive Committee for two terms (1992-1998). He is a Life Member of the Association and an EDEN Senior Fellow....

2261 days ago

Celebrating EDEN's Silver Jubilee: A reflection by Sir John Daniel

...different but very insightful reflections. As an introduction to this exciting series of posts, I've invited my dear friend and EDEN Senior Fellow, Sir John Daniel to write a s...

2264 days ago

Reflections about Collective and Independent Study by M. G. Moore

...invited my dear friend and EDEN Senior Fellow, Michael G. Moore, to contrib...ael G. Moore receiving his EDEN Senior Fellowship in 2010 with past Preside...ifetime Achievement Award, by a Fellowship at University of Cambridg...ity of Guadalajara, Mexico, and Senior Fellowship of the European Di...

2277 days ago

Reinventing Universities: The critical role of leadership

...e remained very close friends until his death. Roberto Carneiro, EDEN Senior Fellow, was another of his great fri...eculiarities, challenges and opportunities. In each - in a variety of senior roles - I have learned many l...

2298 days ago

EDEN across generations: the importance of young researchers's post, I've invited EDEN Fellow, Executive Committee member a...othing is more erroneous: I have seen senior researchers commenting and helping younger fellows many times in fine-tuning th...rsity of La Rioja, and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sao Paul...

2347 days ago