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Reinventing Universities: The critical role of leadership

...- but it isn't an opportunity if learners continue to drop out or fail in the numbers which they currently do. This is the moment for us all to step up to the challenge and ensur...

1436 days ago

Losing Control: The true democratisation of learning - Keynote interview with Albert SangrĂ 

...tunities for the Last 25 Years... and Beyond. What are the three to five steps Institutions have to take?...Learning Opportunities for the Last 25 Years... and Beyond. What are the steps Associations as EDEN have to...

1765 days ago

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

...are much wiser than we are). Things are getting worse, not better. My stepdaughter is 16 years old and h...eed to create viable solutions to our future and that starts by taking a step back and being willing to rem...

2513 days ago

Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

...tion? U.B.: Graduated in Economy, I started my first big career step in 1974 as junior professor a...n and then stuck to it during the following 28 years. I was fortunate to step into the distance education a...

2912 days ago