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...eacher in the centre. Even in workplace learning most people still expect to be formally trained in new skills and tools and that means classroom teaching, often at a conference centre...

3042 days ago

Professionalize your Teaching with Formasup

Enrol in Formasup, the Advanced Master in Higher Education Pedagogy! For detailed information on this postgraduate training programme organized entirely online, visit the Formasup website:

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Teacher training tutorial

...tive-student-learning techniques of classroom teaching, complemented by printed book...RATIONALE: Video recordings of classroom teaching enable trainee teachers to st...quent peer-evaluation of each trainee’s teaching practice, the trainees’...

4497 days ago

Innovative ways of teaching and creating engagement in science with digital resources (session of the upcoming EDEN Conference)

Science museums and centers provide a unique source of knowledge and opportunities for dialogue and engagement with science through exhibition objects, activities and ev...

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