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There Are No Limits to EDEN

...pushed and that our field of research and practice expects of EDEN more and more in each passing year. Delivering the Senior Fellow Award to Tony Bates, at the Sheldonian Thea...

1378 days ago

Much More Than A Conference here) EDEN15 set new standards. But, above all, it conveyed an important message. Following up on the results of the EDENRW8 in Oxford (see Tony Bates' report), a clear f...

1616 days ago


June, 2018 Part 2

...d University academics, with its mix of blue sky dreaming, the latest technological buzz, and regression to cloistered academe." An article by Tony Bates....

636 days ago

October, 2016

...The 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online for Faculty and Instructors by Tony Bates...Contact North I Contact Nord’s Research Associate, Dr. Tony Bates, provides a succinct in...

1244 days ago


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Comment on "Pre-Workshop Thoughts of the Rapporteur, Tony Bates"

Getting ready for the EDEN Research workshop October 24, 2014 by Tony Bates I’m now in Eng...There are also poster sessions, 14 in all. - Read the full post at: Tony's website...

1981 days ago