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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events

...pen professional collaboration in Europe. (The recordings of the daily webinars are available at the EDEN we...ctive and leading part in EDEN Partner initiatives: ICDE Webinar series “Challenges for...

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Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

...l Conference. Registration for the conference is still open, read more on the Conference site. NVL Distance network arranged a pre-conference webinar related the EDEN 2013 Annual...

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June, 2019

...EDEN NAP webinar recording available: Possible...The “Possible use of a portfolio as European Development”webinar took place on Wednesday, 5 Ju...

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May, 2019 Part 1

...  EDEN NAP webinar recording available: Sense-ma...The “Sense-making Strategies for MOOC Research” webinar took place on Wednesday, 22 M...

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2nd webinar

  second topic: Assessment Strategy: Managing and Supporting Assessment Designers The TALOE Partnership is organising its second webinar of the "Talks on E-assessmen...

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1st webinar

first topic: Content analysis and critical thinking – An assessment study The TALOE Partnership announces a series of webinars entitled "Talks on E-assessment and Learning Outcomes...

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