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Learners In The Driving Seat - Guest post by Wim van Petegem

...ners role. The invited writer today is my colleague and friend Wim van Petegem. You can find more about Wim&...ndra Kucina Softic, Lisa Marie Blaschke, Costas Tsolakidis and Wim van Petegem. With their inspiring stories...

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June, 2019

...Plenary session livestream – Wednesday – Lisa Marie Blaschke, Rebecca Galley, Gerald Evans, Ilkka Tuomi, Wim van Petegem, Antonio Teixeira, Joris Hind...

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October, 2018, the Fellows present agreed to establish a Board of the Council that comprises: Deborah Arnold, Lisa Marie Blaschke, Don Olcott, Jr., Wim van Petegem, Albert Sangra, Christian Sch...

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EDEN Fellows and Senior Fellows Wim Van Petegem, Leuven University and EuroPACE, Belgium Jeanne Schre...

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Members of the EDEN Executive Committee;D Aalto University, School of Science and Technology Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli, Finland Wim Van Petegem Director of AVNet at K.U. L...

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Learners In The Driving Seat - Guest post by Wim van Petegem

All EDEN's efforts are ultimately directed at improving the learners experience as well as their empowerment. We are much aware of this. As such, learners should become ever more present and actively engaged in our activities, namely the conferences. In the final guest post of this sp...

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