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After the anniversary – New ideas, new projects, new events and practice in Digital skills and Competencies- reflections on the workshop at EDEN conference in Budapes...Higher Education in the EU”, November 7, 2016 D-TRANSFORM workshop, Barcelona, 14 to 16 November...

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All about EDEN

...cessful embedding of the structure of conferences: the annual large conference accompanied by its satellites in alternating years of the Research Workshop and the Open Classroom confer...

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April, 2019 Part 1

...Given the success of the EDEN 2018 Barcelona Research Workshop PhD Student Symposium, this to submit your work! Taster of interesting workshops MIT...

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March, 2019 Part 1

...Given the success of the EDEN 2018 Barcelona Research Workshop PhD Student Symposium, this t...  Special MIT Micro-Masters workshop in Bruges...

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Welcome Reception

...eldonian Theatre auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen What happens there? The Welcome Reception helps you to set the mood for the Workshop. Meet your colleagues, EDEN F...

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Programme elements explained

...orted by the Rapporteur who will moderate the Workshop in general. Morning Plenary s...Research-Speed-Dating Papers & Workshops Accepted papers...ed to read the papers before the event using. Workshops will discuss diverse topics...

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Proceedings of 2014 Research Workshop, Oxford

You can download the 2014 Research Workshop, Oxford proceedings (5MB).

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Comment on "Synergy WG: The role of ICT and digital competencies in excluded / at risk groups' lives"

...enting Success Stories that speak about practices that are noteworthy and significant and the final one is one of the selected topic for the NEST workshop at the EDEN Conference: Suppo...

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Comment on "Pre-Workshop Thoughts of the Rapporteur, Tony Bates"

...ting ready for the EDEN Research workshop October 24, 2014 by Tony...bout to attend the EDEN Research Workshop on research into online learn...organised one such EDEN research workshop myself several years ago in published a week ahead of the workshop, and each author gets just a...

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