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EDEN 2014 - Up and running

...t it, e-learning is the mainstream of higher education, and proof of that was tha...n policies, funding and directives to change education just as we can't rely...rope today, a young generation with the best education but who cannot find work....

2657 days ago

Changing the culture of workplace learning - EDEN 2014

...eaking down firmly entrenched attitudes and traditions. There are plenty of resources, technologies, tools, methods and gifted educators but attitudes to learning, education and training are much hard...

2659 days ago

The Future of Europe Depends on Smart Investment in Contemporary Curricula and Workplace Training Innovation

...r between the industry and educational policy-makers. Dr Andras...transport, energy and communication technologies since year 1...eply rooted in the way the educational establishment has organi...lected via a competitive application process. Today these i...

2673 days ago

2014 Best Research Paper Award, Zagreb

...Laudatio It is an indication of the breadth of Work and the Workplace. From Education to Employment and Meaningf...the Jury, Professor in Distance Education, Athabasca University, Can...arcia et al., Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain (Chair of the Ju...

2609 days ago

EDEN Preconference Workshop on Designing Effective Video Learning Materials

...aterials on June 10th , 2014 at the SRCE premises. Workshop will lead Jack Koumi well know expert in the field of video and media for higher education and teacher training....

2678 days ago

The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter

...ive studies on the field of Continuing Education (international comparison of education systems, study for working...and emerging field of online distance education. I remember very wel...Many institutions use online distance education as a mode of delivery to r...

2685 days ago

4th Moodlemoot Croatia & 4th Western Balkans Moodlemoot

...Open Systems and Internet - HrOpen and Serbian Moodle Network.   Read more on:

2685 days ago

3 Questions for New EURODL Chief Editor Ulrich Bernath

...peration and continued high quality of the publication. The experience he towards their final decisions. There are indications that there is an increasi...ics. He holds a Dr. phil. from the School of Education of Carl von Ossietzky Univ...

2715 days ago

The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator - Terry Anderson Interview Canada. I used distance education courses to complete a is the most interesting educational innovation you are curre...f what happens in distance education is cloaked behind the Faculty of Health, Education and Society. He teaches on...

2735 days ago

The Open, The Digital and The Face-to-Face - Prof. Jeff Haywood in Interview

...the Conference to discuss open learning, certifications and employability and the...nt. The use of richer media and open educational materials in, Knowledge Management and is Professor of Education & Technology at the Un...

2750 days ago