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EDENRW8 By Tony Bates - Disseminating the best research in online learning

...ance and Care, raised issues critical to the development of the use of Big Data f...and prior research.   FACULTY DEVELOPMENT There were four papers...y, he has developed an intense international career in the last two decades. Tony is a...

2880 days ago

The Future of Europe Depends on Smart Investment in Contemporary Curricula and Workplace Training Innovation

...rning in the forefront of the developments, often in unorthodox setting...well visualises in his social development measuring graph, social activ...ather than an opportunity for development. The educational sector is su...ity of Knowledge Workers' career paths will be disrupted by smart m...

3050 days ago

The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter

...ssionals) and Human Resources Development (e-learning in continuing voc...arning early in your academic career? Olaf Z-R:  I received m...University in Hagen about the development of online programs. After tha...nce, financial management, HR development etc.) in order to support the...

3062 days ago

I Am a Sort of Guinea Pig for Principles that I Have Advocated

...for a considerable part of your career in various roles within the E...t I enjoyed a long and wonderful career in the European Commission, w...h longevity or successful market development? When it comes to using...?   SW: Your academic career is quite illustrious, with time sp...

3803 days ago

Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

....: Can you tell us about your career path? How did you walk and define the career trails of your own that finally le...ganisational and professional development as well as for the entire ope...aculty and their professional development. (Hülsmann, T. & Ber...

3824 days ago