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The Future of Europe Depends on Smart Investment in Contemporary Curricula and Workplace Training Innovation

Interview with Fabrizio Cardinali by Andras Szucs   The voice of the industry is often on middle volume in various education systems when it comes to d...

2920 days ago

The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter

Interview by Eva Suba   He has been embedded in the open, distance and e-learning research world from early on in his career. Prof. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Ri...

2932 days ago

3 Questions for New EURODL Chief Editor Ulrich Bernath

by Eva Suba The EDEN Executive Committee assigned Dr. Ulrich Bernath, Chair of the "Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning", Senior...

2962 days ago

The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator - Terry Anderson Interview

...nbsp;   Steve Wheeler is Associate Professor of Learning Technologies at Plymouth University, in South West England and a passionate blogger. Originally trained as a p...

2982 days ago

The Open, The Digital and The Face-to-Face - Prof. Jeff Haywood in Interview

...educational technology and reflects them through articles, conference appearances and social media. Involved in several European projects, he often blogs about discovering new method...

2997 days ago

From Oslo to Zagreb - Welcome to the conference blog

...tive athmosphere and bring the pre-conference interviews, the Conference Blog, the social media features an...he features and tools you can use in this Group The Wire: microblogging on NAP Secretar...

3046 days ago

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

..., digital media, and new and convergent technologies. Helen runs her own blog and is active on Twitter (@he...of the EDEN Pre-Conference Interview Series. Read all interviews on this blog. Anna Kirah is one of th...

3295 days ago

Education and Ecstasy instead of Education and Agony

...ious EDEN keynote presentation. MOOCs, Linkedin, Facebook, Google, Bing, Blogging, Webinars, Pod Casts, eBo...of the EDEN Pre-Conference Interview Series. Read all interviews on this blog. Dr Bernard Luskin is on...

3310 days ago

Learning Knowledge and Wisdom for All in Late Modernity - Bob Fryer's keynote speech in today's society. He later elaborated some of his concepts left out from the speech in an interview (see his interview here on EDEN's blog below). http://www.youtub...

3520 days ago

Hacking Your Education - Dale Stephens' keynote speech on unschooling

...r PPT presentation Keynote Presentation - Dale Stephens Read more on Dale and his ideas in his pre-conference interview at below on this blog.

3520 days ago