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December, 2014

...2015 ePortfolio & Identity Conference...The 2015 ePortfolio & Identity Conference (ePIC) will be or...du Luxembourg) on 27/03/2015 on digital competence development on the...of policy-makers, researchers of digital competence development and pra...

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September, 2014 - Special issue 2

...u good practices around ICT for learning, as well as recent and future events. The autumn issue of the newsletter offers a practical guide on digital identity, a guide to use Facebook for...

2672 days ago

Second Issue - Digiskills Newsletter

...A practical guide on digital identity - ePortfolio:...ed on social internet ethics that supports the design and control of digital identities. The modules availa...

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July, 2012

...From 1st July 2012, the Digital Agenda of the European Union...d about the activities at Creating Ideas, Opportunities and Identity...

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