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How expert use of technology in classrooms is boosting education results: refocusing the open classroom initiative

...rt preceded by just one week the opening of the EDEN Open Classroom 2015 in Athens...ive projects and national or European agencies, EDEN can serve the community bette...rom the Elinogermaniki Agogi and in particular, EDEN Senior Fellow Sofoklis Sotiro...

2136 days ago

Openness Remains the Best Answer: In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks

The EDEN community shares the shock and sadne...oisy, a young Parisian with whom the EDEN Secretariat had the chance to...veness are the guiding principles of EDEN. Diversity of views, beliefs...nd dialogue. Antonio Teixeira EDEN President

2165 days ago

Much More Than A Conference

...ed delegates to Barcelona and EDEN15 As you know, EDEN a renewed vitality of the EDEN organisation (see the video,...ream. The conference hashtag #EDEN15 generated over 1400 tweets...see their profiles here) EDEN15 set new standards. But, abo...

2193 days ago

Welcome to the Next 25 Years: EDEN Celebrates its Past, Present and Future - Guest post by Alan Tait

...ble week in Barcelona at the #EDEN15, the 2015 EDEN Annual Conference. The confer...icularly intense time for the EDEN governance structure and been appointed with a past EDEN President, Alan Tait chairing...(Tait 1991). The impetus for EDEN was born out of a number of m...

2325 days ago

EDEN Fellow Awards Laudations at the Welcome Reception of the EDEN 2015 Annual Conference

The EDEN Senior Fellow title is awarded to outstanding EDEN members, in recognition of contributor to the work of EDEN. He has been a passionate...g (EFQUEL), and member of the EDEN Executive Committee. Albert s...him as senior speaker at the EDEN conferences, project partner...

2326 days ago

Learners In The Driving Seat - Guest post by Wim van Petegem

All EDEN's efforts are ultimately...of this special series on the EDEN conference experiences, the has a long connection with EDEN and his memory goes far back....f the role of learners in the EDEN conferences and presents some...ober 2012 we organized one of EDEN’s research workshops ar...

2325 days ago

Drinking From The Mnemosyne Water Spring - Guest Post by Costas Tsolakidis

...The third guest post on the EDEN conference experiences is from EDEN Fellow Costas Tsolakidis. My...preparations of the memorable EDEN 2003 Conference that was held...f a close connection with the EDEN community. I do hope you...ger – all of us, all of EDEN! http://qshine.or...

2337 days ago

Serious Research Can Be Fun - Guest Post by Lisa Marie Blaschke

EDEN plays a world leading role in...series of guest posts on the EDEN conference experiences, today...ung researchers for whom the #EDEN15 will be their first EDEN co...Please, mark on your agendas, EDEN will return to Oldenburg in 2...  Third EDEN Research Workshop closing ses...

2339 days ago

EDEN Train from Zagreb to Barcelona – Get on Board!- Invited Guest Post by Sandra Kucina

...phere. The theme of the #EDEN15 - the transformation of the...perfect time and place. The #EDEN15 conference will take place...ganization of the successful #EDEN14 last year in Zagreb. The me...Welcome Reception at the 2014 EDEN Conference in Zagreb S...

2339 days ago

Losing Control: The true democratisation of learning - Keynote interview with Albert SangrĂ 

...of the Executive Committee of EDEN (2003-2009).  ....O.: Your topic at the Annual EDEN conference in Barcelona is ab...are the steps Associations as EDEN have to take? A.S.: The...ther keynote speakers of the #EDEN15 Conference Ebba Os...

2339 days ago