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European Commission launches 'Opening up Education' and reveals the programme's new webportal

You may all well be aware of the portal of the European Commission. Well, the portal is no more, it is renewed, reviewed and relaunched with mo...

2339 days ago

How to use the SYNERGY Workshop Group tools

...bers User's Guide to the EDEN NAP Members Area Your pro...basic information on you; EDEN portfolio (participation at c...aterials available exclusively for EDEN Members: Annual General Meeti...lable only after logging in to the EDEN NAP Members' Area. St...

2326 days ago

Rectors Presidents and Executives to Meet at SCOP 2013

EDEN is proud to join the International Council for Distance Education (ICDE) and U...esidents' meeting. In this very special occasion, representatives from EDEN institutional members will en...

2355 days ago

Start curating the conference! Tell us an interesting resource you found

The Conference's content curation account is open to all interested. Share your links here and meaningful and relevant content will be fed to the Conference Scoop:

2460 days ago

Join the Conference Blog!

...alks, discussions of the conference. Join the group of experienced academics and young scholars by sending and e-mail to !

2466 days ago

Why Anna Kirah thinks we should get rid of the blinders in education

...n Helen Keegan agreed to interview EDEN 2013 keynote speaker Anna anticipated keynote at the 2013 EDEN Conference. As one of the ver...ked again to hold a keynote at the EDEN Conference. We have come to...published in the framework of the EDEN Pre-Conference Interview Seri...

2471 days ago

Education and Ecstasy instead of Education and Agony

...learning & social media in his EDEN Annual Conference keynote spe...past seven years since my previous EDEN keynote presentation. MOOCs,...S: This year’s theme for the EDEN Conference is the Joy of Lear...delegates.   Read the EDEN Web | Like the EDEN Facebook...

2487 days ago

Living in the age where "knowing" may be obsolete

...rupt his busy schedule for a brief interview ahead of his keynote at the EDEN 2013 Oslo conference. &nb...phasis on social media and Web 2.0 tools. Steve is elected Member of the EDEN Network of Academics and Prof...

2536 days ago

Learning Knowledge and Wisdom for All in Late Modernity - Bob Fryer's keynote speech

...epts left out from the speech in an interview (see his interview here on EDEN's blog below). Keynote Speech, 2012 EDEN Annual Conference, Porto on 2...

2696 days ago

Hacking Your Education - Dale Stephens' keynote speech on unschooling

...ation. Dale, the youngest keynote speaker of all times in the history of EDEN Conference talked about unsch...opinion: is this the end of education? Dale J Stephens talked at the EDEN 2012 Annual Conference in Por...

2696 days ago