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Hacking Your Education - Dale Stephens' keynote speech on unschooling

...=plcp Click for PPT presentation Keynote Presentation - Dale Stephens Read more on Dale and his ideas in his pre-conference interview at below on this blog.

2835 days ago

The importance of reinventing education: Gard Titlestad

This mini-interview with Gart Titlestad, Secretary General of ICDE - International Council of Open and Distance Education, was made in Porto at the EDEN A...

2837 days ago

Improve informal education to reach people outside universities: Gyula Hegyi

This mini-interview with Gyula Hegyi, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner László Andor, Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion European Commissio...

2842 days ago

Generation Y: No Assumptions: Sally Reynolds

This mini-interview with Sally Reynolds, Managing Director at ATiT (Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics & Telecommunications), was made in Port...

2842 days ago

Technology Divides and Builds Bridges: Morten Paulsen

This mini-interview with Morten F. Paulsen, President of EDEN, was made in Porto at the EDEN Annual Conference 2012. The discussion went around the theme: ...

2842 days ago

I Am a Sort of Guinea Pig for Principles that I Have Advocated

In our series of interviews with keynote speakers at the 2012 EDEN Annual Conference, Steve Wheeler...s and what he believes about technology supported education. Here is the interview in ten questions...  ...

2988 days ago

Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

  An interview with Dr. Ulrich Bernath, Chair of the Board of Directors and Trustees of the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning by He...

3009 days ago

The Unconventional Learner - Interview with Dale J. Stephens

A conventional interview with Dale J. Stephens, keynote sp...n-traditional take. Read the full interview below and reflect on it...ntional Learner A conventional interview with Dale J. Stephens, keynot... Thank you, Dale for the interview! What are your ideas of...

3088 days ago