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Programme Appetizers Registration!   The EDEN 2014 Annual Conference will take p...the Experience Collected by VISIR In the period 2012-2014, the VISIR project has produc...

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May, 2014 the Association since March 2014:...techniques. Start date: 19/05/2014, end date: 20/06/2014....

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Special issue, May 2014


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First issue - Digiskills Newsletter

...on for teachers' on-the-job learning and practice. The workshop takes place as part of the Synergy sessions of the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference in Zagreb on 10-13 June, 2014. The Digiskills Workshop is c...

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April, 2014

...The EDEN 2014 Annual Conference will take Conference and EDEN's 2014 Research Workshop will both b...ll EU languages, until 15 May 2014....

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Special issue, April 2014

...bsp; April, 2014...Focus groups will occur April-May 2014. The final date will be set b...located with EC-TEL in Graz, Austria, September 2014 the LACE project is organizin...

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4th CARER+ Newsletter

...Piloting in Latvia started in 2014 by equipping of carers with i...solution of the CARER+ piloting programme will be presented at the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference (10-13 June...

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March, 2014

...s keynote speaker of the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference in Zagreb (...m. (CET) on 10 April (Friday) 2014. The...aire is online until 06 April 2014. For further information abou...The NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Higher Education Edition Wiki...

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Issue 2, March 2014

...Newsletter March 2014 Issue 2...echnology and Economics has started in February 2014 and involves users from the F...ents EDEN Annual Conference 2014, Zagreb S...

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