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The Silver Lining of Research in ODE - Interview with Olaf Zawacki-Richter

...ssment and development in the sense of "constructive alignment" where intended learning outcomes (competencies), teaching and learning activities, and assessment formats shoul...

2152 days ago

3 Questions for New EURODL Chief Editor Ulrich Bernath

...n the field of Open, Distance and E-Learning, his comprehensive understanding of open access culture and extended personal participation in EDEN activities guarantee the journal's c...

2182 days ago

From Oslo to Zagreb - Welcome to the conference blog

...ference even better next time.   We received several suggestions for a more interactive conference, to introduce un-conference-like activities and to collect the conference...

2265 days ago

Fresh Ideas Need Arguments to Be Grounded by Research

...  H.D.: What are the research projects and professional activities the UB Foundation is currently involved in? U.B.: The main and continuous activities of the UB Foundation are (a)...

2914 days ago

New EDEN European projects kicking-off

...document the whole process into a roadmap that will include guidelines for the design and implementation of effective resource-based educational activities that could act as a reference...

2934 days ago

Prototype reflections

...on Many active members Much quality content Regular activities Much useful features...clude our conference abstracts, papers and presentations. Regular activities Blogs that are set up for...

3597 days ago