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InVET Preventing initial VET dropouts and fostering trainees’ inclusion

1. Online-questionnaire in order to identify young people at risk on time. 2. Counselling guidelines for trainers, teachers, tutors, managers and similar professions in VET in order to support young people at risk...

3097 days ago

SigMath a European project which aims to improve access to formal Maths qualifications f...will develop interactive online tutorials, videos and assessments...xperience and will allow learning to take place outside of the tra...dge. Ultimately the project wants to improve the quality of Maths...

3097 days ago


...and Secondary School Education. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen and support furthe...of the Croatian Qualifications Framework  in the grammar schools sector, by focusing on the need to...

3098 days ago

Open Education Europa

Hi everyone, you can check the following Prezi presentations of the Open Education Europa portal here: Open Education Europa Open Education Europa (sh...

3335 days ago

Profiling Online Students - and EDEN NAP members

In this entry of the EDEN Presidents blog, I described the NKI student catalogue and stated: Maybe EDEN could do something similar for its NAP members? I'm now happy to see that the new NAP Members Area has a catalogue that in many ways remind me of NKI's student catalogue.

4637 days ago