New Book: Democratizing Higher Education: International Comparative Perspectives

EDEN partner, The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) has announced the forthcoming HETL book titled Democratizing Higher Education: International Comparative Perspectives. The book is due to be published in April 2015.


Foreword by Nel Noddings

Preface by Patrick Blessinger and John P. Anchan?

1 An Introduction to Democratizing Higher Education
John P. Anchan

2 Democratizing Higher Education in the United States: A Legacy of Democratic Learning
Linda Watts

3 Democratizing Higher Education in Canada: Quality and Educational Development
Arshad Ahmad and Lori Goff

4 Democratization in European Higher Education: The Past, Present, and Future of the Bologna Process
María Luisa Pérez Cañado

5 South Europe Higher Education: Portugal and Its Peripheral Regions
Luísa Soares and Catarina Faria

6 Democratizing Higher Education in the United Kingdom: A Case Study
Craig Mahoney and Helena Lim

7 Higher Education in Scandinavia: A Case Study
Jørgen Lerche Nielsen and Lars Birch Andreasen

8 Higher Education in New Zealand: A Case Study of the Land of the Long White Cloud
Lorraine Stefani

9 Higher Education in South Africa: A Case Study
Mandla S. Makhanya and Jeanette C. Botha

10 Modernization of Russian Higher Education: Progress and Opportunities
Natalia Moscvina and Olga Kovbasyuk

11 Democratizing Higher Education in China’s Hong Kong: Between Rhetoric and Reality
Hei-hang Hayes Tang

12 Democratization of Higher Education in India: A Case Study
Arputharaj Devaraj

13 Malaysian Higher Education: A Case Study
Enakshi Sengupta

14 The Future of Higher Education: Towards A Democratic Theory of Higher Education
Patrick Blessinger

Democratizing Higher Education: Concluding Thoughts
Patrick Blessinger