No. 3 – Moving to the next phase of online: How can we improve on what we’ve done so far?

Monday, 28 September 2020, 17:00 CEST

EDEN webinar


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As we enter into the fall and winter semesters, it’s still not clear how long the pandemic will be with us. We’ve made it through the remote emergency teaching phase of the first months of Covid-19, and our focus is now shifting to how we can improve on what has already been done — and on making it sustainable over the long-term. A variety of areas for improvement come to mind. Perhaps you see a need to redesign and refine your current online curriculum. Maybe you want to explore new forms of delivery to support communication and dialogue. Or maybe you want to concentrate on streamlining your work-at-home processes. This session will provide you with guidance for moving forward and for improving on your current online courses. During the webinar, our speakers will share their expert advice and practical tips, responding to a variety of questions such as:

  • How can universities build on the resources and social capital created in terms of faculty development during the Covid-19 initial response phase?
  • What is next for faculty support structures?
  • What can institutions and departments do now to improve their “emergency” remote learning curriculum with open resources?
  • How can institutions or departments motivate and continue to train faculty in remote/blended learning instruction?
  • Given that many of us are working off-campus, how can I prevent the feeling of isolation for myself as well as my online students but also make sure I am fully engaged with the critical inner-workings of my university?
  • In working remotely, what are some strategies for maintaining a high level of productivity as well as a healthy work/life balance?


Lisa Marie Blaschke
Senior Fellow and Chair of the Board of EDEN Council of Fellows
Programme Director, Center of Lifelong Learning (C3L), Oldenburg, Germany

Lisa Marie Blaschke is a former executive committee member of the European Distance Education and E-Learning Network (EDEN) and is a Senior EDEN Fellow and Chair of the Board of the EDEN Fellows Council. She is also a former adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland University College, where she received the Stanley J. Drazek Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016. Lisa has a BS in Technical Communication, and two master’s degrees (MDE, MBA), and a PhD. Prior to academia, Lisa worked for SAP for over a decade in Walldorf, Germany, leading and implementing enterprise-wide knowledge management and training processes and solutions. Lisa’s research interests are in the areas of self-determined learning (heutagogy), online collaborative learning, pedagogical application of web 2.0 technology and social media, and user interface design.


Alexandra Mihai
Education Specialist and Learning Experience Designer, University College London (UCL)

Alexandra Mihai is an education specialist and learning experience designer with over a decade of experience in European Higher Education. She is currently working as a Learning Designer at University College London (UCL). Previously she worked as a researcher and curriculum designer at the Institute of European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and led the Centre for Teaching Innovations at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Alexandra has a strong background in e-learning, learning design and innovative teaching strategies. In her PhD she analysed how far technology is used in teaching practices at European universities.

Marci Powell
Marci Powell and Associates, CEO, United States

Marci Powell is the President/CEO of Marci Powell & Associates and has been at the forefront of many pioneering advancements in the workplace for the last 25 years. Marci’s futurist mindset and thought leadership have enabled her to provide strategic guidance to countless companies on how to revolutionize the way they work, adapt, and do business in the next generation workplace. As an internationally renowned keynote speaker, business consultant, and author, Marci has worked remotely enjoying an award-winning and successful career with leadership roles in finance, education, telecommunications, and manufacturing. She has managed globally diverse teams and inspired over 100,000 leaders, employees, and students across six continents. Marci has worked with industry titans like AT&T, FedEx, NASA, Deloitte, Daimler, and Stryker International, as well as numerous universities, ministries, and small-to-enterprise sized businesses across the world. Focusing on helping organizations grow professionally and innovate their processes, Marci has gained heavy renown as a pioneer in distance education and remote learning and working. Some of her awards include the 2019 U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Higher Education Innovation award, USDLA Hall of Fame membership, AT&T President’s Club, Polycom CEO Award, and the second American woman elected to be a European Distance & E-Learning Network (EDEN) Fellow. When not traveling or working, you can find her enjoying coffee on her back porch or dressed head to toe in her Hogwarts house robes with her grandchildren.

Richard J. Powers
Project Coordinator at the Professional School of Education, Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg, Germany

Richard Powers is Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature from University of Maryland’s Global Campus. An expert online teacher, trainer and instructional designer, he has taught online since 1998 using WebTycho, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace and ILIAS. Currently, he is the Project Coordinator at the Professional School of Education—Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg for blended learning courses for diversity for teachings in training. Since the Corona Virus Outbreak, Richard continues to be a key member of two task forces preparing students and teachers to teach remotely in this confusing time. With City Colleges of Chicago, Richard continues to support 3,000 teachers and 25,000 students online. At Stuttgart University, Richard continues to develop projects, courses and training for 3,000 teachers in training.

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