OEPass project’s Learning Passport draft finalised

As part of the OEPass project, the draft version of the Learning Passport was finalised during the 5th consortium meeting in Budapest, Hungary on 15 May 2019.

The Learning Passport is ready to start the piloting phase. Anybody is welcome to experiment with the Learning Passport and determine its usefulness by filling in the form. The OEPass partnership also welcomes feedback on how well the Learning Passport facilitates the recognition and transferability of non-traditional learning experiences.

The OEPass project intends to address the issues of

  • the missing guidance on how to document virtual mobility / open education experiences for the purposes of credit transfer;
  • the missing procedures for recognition of prior learning or of non-formal/informal learning scalable to the massive numbers of students enrolling in open education programmes such as MOOCs;
  • the non-existing European approach to recognising, transferring or scaling open education modules.

by creating a standard format for describing open education and virtual mobility experiences in terms of ECTS which:

  • addresses common criticisms (lack of trust) of open education, in particular with respect to student assessment and identity;
  • is scalable to hundreds or thousands of students through automatic issuing and verification of certificates;
  • Can capture a wide range of non-formal and formal open education experiences.

For more information on the OEPass project, please, visit its website.