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How to participate

To follow the event online, join us in the virtual conference room at Please, note that the webconference room opens at the start of the event.

The Synergy Workshop, as its title suggests, will be focusing on

To maximise the potential for effective collaboration the workshop programme aims to not have the traditional parallel sessions of paper/poster presentations but to provide a platform for semi-informal, so-called "Project Fairground" activities. During a number of dedicated sessions (divided into 4 specific fora based on the most popular themes) all the project promoters can briefly introduce themselves and their "products and goods" and then talk and interact with each other at will.

These "Project Fairground" sessions are supported by the short project descriptions in the "Book of Projects".

With the intention of better chance of inclusion and equal opportunities we will support the event by using ICT, most importantly by webcasting and online collaboration to facilitate active and constructive participation of not only those who will attend the conference in person but also those who will participate the activities from a distance. And since the physical places are limited, we kindly ask you to play fair and mark your attendance on the registration form "online", unless you are sure you will be able to travel to Budapest and stay for the whole duration of the conference.

The introductions and presentations (more specifically the ideas and points of synergy emerging from them) will lead to very practical working group activities on Sunday afternoon, where written outlines will be prepared for future collaboration, whether that is the organization of a joint event, reciprocal piloting/peer review, community sustainability or a new partnership for a future project.

The synchronous real-time activities carried out during the conference are only the beginning of a longer process. The online community set up in EDEN's NAP Members Area will remain active after the 21st of October, where the registered members will be able to find and extend the resource selection and continue discussions and cooperation with fellow participants.

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