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EDEN Membership Fees

All membership fees are set in Euro.
Institution 1: Educational institutions with more than 20.000 students, commercial organisations in Europe. 800
Institution 2: Educational institutions with less than 20.000 but more than 4.000 students, national or international institutions, networks and associations. 650
Institution 3: Educational institutions with less than 4.000 students, non-profit bodies, scientific and research institutions in Europe and Small companies (with less than 20 employees). 450
Please note that as an institutional member, your membership fee entitles you, at no extra cost, to nominate individuals (Institution 1: up to 30 persons; Institution 2: up to 20 persons; Institution 3: up to 10 persons) within your institution to NAP – the Network of Academics and Professionals.  
Associate members: Educational institutions, national or international institutions, networks and associations, commercial organisations outside Europe. 300
Individual members. 100
Student: Applicants who has valid student ID. You are requested to send its photocopy to Free of charge

Affiliate membership is open for member institutions of an EDEN-member national association, nominated by the national association concerned. With the introduction of the affiliate membership, a new opportunity opens up for them to get involved directly in the organisational life of EDEN, with all the accompanying benefits.

National associations, wishing to nominate affiliate members (to EDEN) from among their member-institutions, are invited to contact for details the EDEN Secretariat at: