Play your way to a smarter brain with Neuro-Ludus Brain Training

Neuro-Ludus is a new brain training game. To take full advantage of digital technology we must be able to process a huge amount of complex information quickly and effectively. This cutting-edge development in gamification combines interactive multimedia software technology with recent important discoveries in neuroplasticity and cognitive modifiability. Neuro-Ludus is a game wrapped around a “Save Mankind” scenario to capture players’ interest and maintain their engagement:

Compétences/Skills R&D is currently evaluating the effectiveness of Neuro-Ludus. The game has built-in pre- and post-gameplay components to capture gains in information processing skills. Players have real-time access to all data regarding their performance and progress. Throughout this evaluation period, Neuro-Ludus will be freely accessible to all participating players at: In only a few days the mobile versions will become available from the Apple Store and Google Play. There will be a draw for an iPad mini at the end of the evaluation. Neuro-Ludus will be freely accessible after the evaluation also.

To learn more about Neuro-Ludus, visit