Quality approaches in schools for innovation

The Q4I project aims to develop, test and mainstream a quality development approach for schools that includes a strong commitment to innovation and that is based on the participation of all key stakeholders: students, teachers and parents, employers and representatives of local community.

The second phase of the Q4I project was launched on September the 27th in the frame of the EFQUEL Innovation Forum, in Barcelona. The Q4I model to school quality and innovation was presented and discussed with educational experts, school leaders and other stakeholders. Now the project will engage with 25 schools through pilots in five EU countries (Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands) to test in real life settings the possibility of combining innovative approaches to school education with quality assurance. The project is supported by the LLP Programme of the European Commission. If you want to know more or to participate in the initiative, you can contact the project team through www.q4i-schools.eu.