Reflections about Collective and Independent Study by M. G. Moore

Guest post on the President’s blog by Michael G. Moore

The upcoming EDEN16 in Budapest will be a very special conference and a milestone in our Association’s long history. The European Distance and E-learning Network is celebrating its 25th anniversary and several significant related initiatives are being prepared. The underlying idea for this programme of activities is to celebrate our European legacy of know-how and expertise in open, distance and digital education by projecting it into the future.

In accordance, we’ve invited the different generations of researchers and practitioners in our field to engage in a joint reflection on the digital learning futures based on an analysis of the experience and know-how accumulated by our community in the past 25 years.One major example of this is the panel discussion on the topic of the personalisation of learning, which we’ve designed in a most engaging way. In fact, imagine a confrontation between two perspectives and theoretical approaches on this theme as different as the ones of Michael G. Moore and of Cristóbal Cobo. It sounds quite exciting, don’t you agree? But, just think that we have also invited Steve Wheeler to instigate and moderate the discussion and try to find a synthesis of both sides. Well, I’m sure that you’ll be expecting a memorable debate. We are too! So please make sure to mark the date on your agendas: 17th June, at the closing session of EDEN16 in Budapest.

To introduce you to this exciting event, what better way than to give the floor to the keynote speakers themselves? That’s why I’ve invited my dear friend and EDEN Senior Fellow, Michael G. Moore, to contribute to today’s guest blog post. It is an honour and a privilege for me to be able to share with you a wonderful and thought-provoking reflection on the topic of the personalisation of learning by one the greatest scholars in our field and one of its pioneers.

I do hope you’ll enjoy reading Michael’s excellent contribution and feel encouraged to come to Budapest and attend his live debate with Cristóbal Cobo and Steve Wheeler.


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