Social presence and interaction in e-learning

Wednesday, 13 January 2021, 17.00 CET

EDEN NAP webinar



This interactive session will explore the role of social interaction in online teaching and learning in higher education. The session will begin with Prof. Terry Anderson introducing the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework and the relevance of interaction. Then, Dr Adriana Kiczkowski will share a study about students’ online interactions in formal and informal settings. Irène Charbonneau will present her study about “Social Presence and Educational Technologies in an Online Distance Course in Finnish Higher Education: A Social Constructivist Perspective”. Dr Nadia Sansone will conclude the presentations with her work “Etivity: structuring students’ online participation towards effective learning”.

Type of session: presentations with discussion


Dr. Inés Gil-Jaurena

Inés is an EDEN Fellow and member of the Steering Committee of the EDEN Network of Academic and Professionals (EDEN NAP). She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the National Distance Education University (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia-UNED), Spain. She is Editor-in-chief of Open Praxis, a scientific journal published by the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE). She coordinates the CO-Lab teaching innovation group at UNED. @inesgj3

Francesa Amenduni

Francesca is a member of the SC of the EDEN Network of Academic and Professionals. She is Senior Researcher and Project Manager at SFIVET (Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training). She is a PhD candidate in Experimental Pedagogy with a research on semi-automated assessment of Critical Thinking in essays and open-ended answers (AES) carried out under the supervision of Professor A. Poce (Roma TRE University).


Prof. Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson is Professor Emeritus and former Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University (Canada). He is a senior EDEN fellow. Terry is the editor emeritus of the open access journal, the International Review of Research on Open and Distance Education (IRRODL). @terguy

Dr. Adriana Kiczkowski

Adriana Kiczkowski is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philology at the UNED (National Distance Education University, Spain), where she teaches in the Bachelor´s Degree in English Studies: Language, Literature and Culture. She participates in the CO-Lab teaching innovation group at UNED.

Irène Charbonneau

Irène Charbonneau is a graduate student from an MSc. in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University in Sweden. The presentation of her Master’s thesis study on educational technologies and social presence received the “EDEN best paper award” in the October Research Workshop, 2020. She is now working as a pedagogical designer to improve career guidance in secondary education using pedagogical and technological innovations at the University of Nantes, in France, while carrying out several academic projects.

Dr. Nadia Sansone

Nadia Sansone is a Researcher in Experimental Pedagogy and Technology Enhanced Learning at Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome where she is the eLearning Responsible and Head of teachers and tutors’ Training. She also leads the online Degree Course in Psychological Sciences and Techniques and acts as e-Learning Consultant at the School of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. His main research interests concern models for the design and analysis of e-learning paths supported by Learning Management Systems in which learners experience active approaches promoting theoretical and practical learning. Author of several international publications, including communications to conferences, book’s chapters and journal articles. She is Chief-editor of QWERTY – Open and Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology, Culture and Education.