Rethinking Learning & Teaching In The Digital Age: Ten Key Developments Changing The Dynamics Of Universities And Colleges


"In documenting the key developments, we are not suggesting these are the only developments occurring or the order in which these are presented represents any kind of ranking or prioritization or each one applies in all contexts. Rather, these are…

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Insights from an EFMD corporate member survey


Learning and development specialists suggest that the learning function is purposefully evolving from a learning provider to a learning enabler. Read the report by Martin Moehrle.

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Quantum leaps we can expect in teaching and learning in the Digital age – a roadmap


"Education is change, and change is at once our greatest strength and our greatest challenge. Change happens in society gradually and imperceptibly, but change happens to individuals abruptly and without warning. It is as though we wake up one morning…

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#EDENChat: Social media and informal learning


In case you missed last night’s #EDENChat on social media and informal learning, moderated by Francesco Agrusti, you can now read the archived discussion on EDEN’s Storify page. The next #EDENChat will be  about innovations in teaching on 30 November,…

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