MicroHE Final Conference at the EDEN 2020 Annual Virtual Conference


The MicroHE consortium held the final conference of the MicroHE project as part of the EDEN 2020 Annual Virtual Conference, hosted by the Politechnica University Timisoara, Romania in virtual form. The final conference started with the keynote presentation of Anthony Camilleri about Micro-Credentials in the Future European…

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MicroHE national dissemination event of EDEN on 10 June 2020


On 10 June EDEN held its national dissemination event in virtual form. The event was published on the EDEN website. EDEN invited 8 key experts and 2 presenters.  The panel listened to presentations about the context, the Briefing Paper, the results of…

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MicroHE Expert Panel Workshop


WATCH THE RECORDING VIEW THE PRESENTATIONS Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 10:00 CEST The event will take place in EDEN’s dedicated Adobe Connect room – Join us there! Description New trends emerged in higher education in the last few decades. The delivery methods rapidly…

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Microcredentials At The EDEN 2020 Annual Conference


Dear Colleagues, With less than a month ahead, please be kindly reminded that the registration for the EDEN Annual Virtual Conference on 22-24 June is already open, you can sign up by clicking HERE. The conference will be hosted by the…

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MicroHE Consortium Meeting and Digital Credentials Masterclass announced


The consortium meeting of the ”MicroHE” project will be held on 22 October, followed by a 2 days long Masterclass in Bled, Slovenia on 22-25 October. The Digital Credentials Masterclass will bring together key experts to fuel the discussion on the…

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