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Special R4C Workshop at the EDEN Annual Conference: Way to make your school e-mature and open


2021 marks EDEN’s 30th Anniversary year, therefore the Madrid Conference will be special to all of us in many regards. embracing our traditional values for three decades and the EDEN community’s future endeavours and directions in the field of distance…

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MicroHE national dissemination event of EDEN on 10 June 2020


On 10 June EDEN held its national dissemination event in virtual form. The event was published on the EDEN website. EDEN invited 8 key experts and 2 presenters.  The panel listened to presentations about the context, the Briefing Paper, the results of…

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MicroHE Expert Panel Workshop


WATCH THE RECORDING VIEW THE PRESENTATIONS Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 10:00 CEST The event will take place in EDEN’s dedicated Adobe Connect room – Join us there! Description New trends emerged in higher education in the last few decades. The delivery methods rapidly…

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OEPass at the 10th EDEN Reseach Workshop #EDENRW10 – 25 October 2018


Get involved in the latest international projects of EDEN! OEPass deals with the topic of micro-credentials, the most timely and relevant concept in higher education and adult learning. Don’t miss the opportunity to be updated in this important topic by…

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Call for speakers – education workshop at European Semester seminar


As part of its strategic dialogue with civil society under the European Semester DG EMPL is organising a consultation with civil society in Brussels on 2 October. This seminar will feature a breakout session on education, training and lifelong learning…

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Digital Assessment Workshop in Norway


Eucen is organising a Digital Assessment Workshop, Norway on 7 March 2017. Registration is open until 20 February and you can find the booking form here. For further information contact the organisers.

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Learning Analytics: exploring the putting in place of a system that supports learning while still respecting privacy


Join us in a workshop at the 2016 EDEN Annual Conference in Budapest for the final workshop of the Learning Analytics Community Exchange - LACE project. Building on what has been learned over the last 30 months by the LACE…

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Leadership for Change in HE Institutions: The D-TRANSFORM Approach


Meet us in Budapest, at the 2016 EDEN Annual Conference for a lively workshop session to develop practical recommendations for educational leaders to drive Higher Education institutions to the level of transformation required for embracing effective digital learning scenarios. Workshop…

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Upcoming LACE events at LAK16


The Learning Analytics Community Exchange - LACE project will organise two workshops at the 6th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference to be held at University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom on April 25-29, 2016. The two half day pre-conference…

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