Taking a NAP

One of the major strengths of EDEN is the Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP), leading the association through academic practice exchange, networking and providing a highly effective meeting and communication forum. Despite the functional autonomy, NAP has a Steering Committee which was chaired by Steve Wheeler in recent years. It was my great pleasure to get to know Steve when I was a NAP member, #EDENChat follower, when I was learning with “e”s through his blog, when I followed his activities as EDEN EC member and when I read his concerns and considerations about education and e-learning since then until now, when Steve Wheeler completes his mission in the EDEN board.

It is not possible to list all his contributions made to EDEN as an organization, but it is a great pleasure and honour to have his post in the EDEN Presidency blog before he leaves. While you will enjoy the reading, I would like to invite Steve to continue his collaboration with us, in the open and very professional way he always does.

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