The Strength of the Community is in its People

It was nice to see so many EDEN members attending EDEN session „Meet EDEN Fellows to discuss Future of Learning” at the World Conference on Online Learning at the beginning of the November in Dublin. The room was not large enough for all EDEN members and those interested in EDEN. I was honoured that we also had former EDEN presidents with us: Alan Tait, Morten F. Paulsen and Airina Volungeviciene. At the session, Josep M. Duart, EDEN Vice President for Research and Diana Andone, EDEN Vice President for Communication and Communities of Practice were also present and the session was run by Lisa Marie Blaschke, Chair of the EDEN Fellows Board. We had been discussing who is the future learner in Europe as a whole, the role and benefits of micro and digital credentialisation for flexible quality education, and how EU and global education policy should facilitate HE in addressing global issues in HE curriculum. The discussion was vivid and productive and concluded with the aim to continue such discussions at upcoming EDEN events.

EDEN presidency and members at the EDEN Session at WCOL in Dublin

A week later we had the EDEN European Distance Learning Week

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