UOC Call for Papers for RUSC’s special section on The Internet and Online Pedagogy

Articles should be submitted by 30 November 2015 and will be published in Issue 13, Vol. 3 (July 2016)

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Subject areas

RUSC seeks contributions that enable reflection and provide research results on the Special Section topic from all disciplines concerned with educational matters around the world. Specifically, the thematic areas of the Special Section are:

Essays on or situational reviews of topics such as:

  • Society, pedagogy and e-learning
  • The challenges for pedagogy as an educational discipline in Internet times
  • Epistemological problems surrounding knowledge and e-learning

Research works:

  • Evaluation of emerging pedagogical models on the Internet
  • Analysis of pedagogical discourse about the Internet
  • Impact of new Internet disciplines on didactic proposals
  • Review of the scientific literature on pedagogy and the Internet
  • Special educational needs and online models
  • Technological offering and educational needs
  • Online pedagogy and culture in the classroom
  • Pedagogical challenges of online assessment
  • E-learning and identity