VISIR – An unorthodox consultation about visions and scenarios on future of learning

The objective of the VISIR Stakeholders’ Consultations is to involve professionals and practitioners as well as decision makers, students, civil society representatives, to build on their opinion and experience, to develop a common vision on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality. Four consultations will be launched in the next two years to achieve this. In this first consultation, we are counting on your contribution to help to identify and analyse the  trends on ICT and learning in Europe!

It will take only few minutes of your time and even could be a fun to reflect on the 14, somewhat provocative and tricky statements which you will find in the consultation.

The statements in the consultation are related to the year 2020. You will be able to express your opinion, leave comments and add additional statements that you think are missing. Sounds interesting? Then:

  1. Click a link below to access the consultation in your language
  2. Click vote next to the statements you agree with most – you have a total of 15 votes, which you can assign as you wish – you may assign up to 3 votes to a single statement if you think it is of particular significance
  3. If prompted to login, do so with your facebook or google account, or create an account with us directly if you prefer.
  4. If the statements provided do not satisfy your vision of the future, propose your own in the box provided.
To access the consultation click here.