PLEIADE Project news - November 2022

PLEIADE aims at strengthening the role of teachers
as designers of inclusive collaborative learning activities and 
tackling the ever increasing cultural and socio-economic diversity in today's school populations.

Update on teachers' training activities  

The teacher's training (Blended Training Activities or BTAs) has been completed. Within the Blended Training Activities, three Short term Joint Staff Training Events (SJSTE) were carried out as intensive collaborative learning experiences for the PLEIADE teachers. The first two SJSTEs took place online in June and October 2021. We are now pleased to share updates on the third SJSTE, that was successfully organised in presence and gathered the teachers from all school project partners.

Third SJSTE - Aims

The third Short term Joint Staff Training Event was finally held in presence on 5-7 October 2022 in 144 Narodni Buditeli school in Sofia, Bulgaria, and involved 32 participants. Among these, teachers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Italy attended.

The aims of the third SJSTE were:

  • To support conceptualisation of new high-quality collaborative and inclusive learning design

  • Lay the basis for resuming enactment, by informing participants of data collection procedures 

  • To strengthen the sense of belonging to the PLEIADE community, so that more international enactments can take place

  • To fine-tune the indicators for evaluating the inclusive potential and power of the developed learning designs

Teachers at work designing the learning activities with the I4Ts game.

Third SJSTE - Contents

During the first day teachers worked on the co-design of new activities to be enacted in the upcoming months. This was done with the use of the hybrid I4Ts game, which was experimented in this format for the first time. The game demonstrated to adequately support the co-design process and triggered new ideas of collaborative and inclusive activities that will be enacted at international level (i.e. collaboratively among different schools).

The second day focused on the enactment and was aimed to clarify teachers what monitoring procedures they need to put in place while enacting the activities in class, to guarantee that evidences are collected to evaluate the designs.

To define the various steps of the monitoring procedures we organised an “Escape School” game and teachers, divided in groups, played it in the school's garden and had a lot of fun!
The third day was dedicated to the community building, i.e. the formation of new groups for enacting the newly developed designs and the consolidation of groups already created in the past but who has not yet enacted their designs. 
Teachers at work organising the enactment of the newly developed designs.
Teachers playing the "Escape School" game in the school garden.
Third SJSTE - Feedback from the Teachers 

Tsvetelina Georgieva, host and organiser of the event at the 144 Secondary School Narodni Buditeli:

"I got a lot of ideas that I can implement in my practice. It was a very fruitful event and I enjoyed it a lot. I decided to take part in another international design and I wanted to test myself."

Gergana Todorova and Anita Marietova, teachers at the 144 Secondary School Narodni Buditeli:

"I have already put into practice one of the designs in classroom, and it was very useful for me and my students."
"It was good to speak with the teachers from the other countries and with some of them we became friends."
The participants thank the tutors from Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski.

Enactment in classroom


The activities that were designed during the teachers' training are being enacted in the classroom until June 2023. This implementation phase is being closely monitored by University of Sofia. Since the designed activities are meant to foster social inclusion of disadvantaged children, the project partners will collect evidence of inclusiveness of the designs by considering a list of quali-quantitative indicators.

A selection of these activities (the most successful in terms of inclusive power and fostering collaboration) will be published Open Access as part of Intellectual Output 5.
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