Conference Themes

Engaging and challenging learners

  • Learners’ motivation
  • Learner needs and perceptions
  • Student satisfaction
  • Learning software ergonomy
  • Learning psychology
  • Learning as human function and the brain sciences

Students energised – Enhanced learning experience by participation and collaboration

  • Learning experience and collaborative-collective learning patterns
  • Learning-intensive, „learning-positive” physical and virtual spaces
  • Joy of learning in informal – non formal learning situations
  • The power and pleasure of sharing, fun of communicating in learning
  • Constructivist learning approach and the learning experience

The sense of ownership in learning

  • Learners in charge of their learning process
  • Learning as self-expression and the development of personality
  • Why should we learn? – Learning as social duty and as personal fulfilment

Joy, fun and ICTs

  • Adding joy to teaching and learning by ICTs
  • ICTs as resources for innovations to improve learning experience
  • Virtual reality, simulations, media rich solutions
  • Games for learning

Institutional and professional aspects

  • Individual and institutional leadership and the quality of learning
  • Quality of learning and human resource management, staff development, teacher training
  • Learning experience and quality as part of institutional competitiveness
  • Teachers’ competences for the improvement of the learning experience
  • Teachers as performers
  • Excellence and learning quality

Learning quality, assessment, evaluation

  • Measurement of learning effectiveness
  • Learning quality and the quality management in education
  • Learners’ involvement in the evaluation of the learning quality
  • Learning quality and experience for disadvantaged student groups
  • Development of learning quality in student populations of increasing heterogenity