Detailed Programme

The Conference programme will include plenaries, parallel sessions with paper presentations, workshops, moderated poster and demo sessions. The event will start on Wednesday afternoon on 12 June, with Pre-Conference Workshops and Registration, followed by the Welcome Cocktail and will end with a Farewell Coffee on 15 June.

The detailed programme can be reached by clicking on the tabs above. The full program booklet in pdf format can be downloaded from here.

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12 June, Wednesday 13 June, Thursday 14 June, Friday
NADE Day –
Disruptive Education
15 June, Saturday
  9.00-11.00 Plenary Session 9.00-10.00 Plenary Session 9.15-10.45 Parallel Sessions
11.30-13.00 Parallel Sessions 10.15-11.45 Parallel Sessions 11.15-12.30 Parallel Sessions
13.00-14.30 Lunch 11.45-12.45 Lunch 12.30-14.15 Plenary Session
15.00 Registration 14.30-16.00 Parallel Sessions 12.45-14.00 Parallel Sessions 14.15 Farewell Coffee
16.30-18.00 Pre-Conference Session 16.30-18.00 Parallel Sessions 14.10-15.15 Parallel Sessions  
18.30 Welcome Cocktail 18.30-20.00 Annual General Meeting 15.40-18.00 Plenary Session  
  20.00 Book & Wine Party 20.00 Conference Dinner