Information on Session Arrangements

Parallel sessions

The duration of parallel sessions will be 90 minutes (except Session E, F and H with 65-70 minutes). Sessions will unite normally four presentations. The Chair may wish to contact and inform you on the organisation of the session, otherwise principally traditional presentation is foreseen.

As registered conference delegates have electronic access to the accepted papers before the conference, speakers can concentrate on highlighting the points they consider as most important of their contribution.

Technical equipment in the sessions rooms: PC/laptop (MS Office, Power Point), beamer and WiFi will be available. You can bring your own laptop if that is more convenient for you.

Authors can test the smooth running of their PowerPoint presentation during the break before the session. There will be IT technicians around to provide assistance if needed.

Poster sessions

Poster sessions in the programme will be organised on Friday, 14 June (Sessions D4, E4, F4) and on Saturday, 15 June (Sessions G6 and H6). One session will normally accommodate 8-9 posters.

Sessions will be organised in the Etasje 3 Foyer. The adjacent area will serve as meeting and discussion space for the moderated poster sessions.

The organisation of the sessions will be the following:

  • Introduction from the Session Moderator (2-3 minutes)
  • Visiting the posters scheduled for the given session
  • Short comments from the moderator about each poster: what is it interesting for?
  • Short introduction from the presenter (2-3 minutes)
  • Questions and Answers with the audience(2-3 minutes)

Poster stands will be available in the poster area, in sufficient number to accommodate all posters to be presented in the given day. The size of the poster stands will be 150 cm tall and 100 cm wide, the recommended maximum size of the poster is ISO A0 (1189mm*841mm). Please bring respective tools (pin, two-sided tape, etc.) to put your poster on the stand.

Poster presenters are invited to come to the Etasje 3 Foyer and fix their posters at 08.30 in the morning. Technical help will be available for those who may need (but fixing all the posters can not be taken care of).

In the end of the day, presenters are kindly requested to remove their posters from the stands.

Poster session moderators may contact the presenters before the conference.

Demonstration session arrangements

Demonstration sessions (Sessions A4, B4 and C4) on 13 June will be organised using the show and tell approach. There will be tables where the presenters can set up their demonstration. Authors are supposed to bring their own laptop with the tool to be presented installed. No projector will be provided. Electrical power outlet will be available for the presenters. Although WiFi will be available, it is safer and recommended to run the demonstration from your computer.

At the beginning of the session, there will be a short (2-3 minute) introduction of each demonstration. Delegates attending the session can move around the tables to find out more about the showcases and discuss with the presenters one-on-one basis. Tabled information materials are welcome in order to present data/facts about the contributing organisation and the demonstrations offered.

WiFi availability on the site

At the conference venue WiFi access will be available.

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