Social Events

The Conference offers a great opportunity to socalize and network in an informal setting as well. This page provides you information on the Welcome Reception, the Book and Wine Party to take place on the first day of the Conference and on the Conference Dinner in the evening of 14 June.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will take place on 12 June in the foaje at the University of Oslo.

At the reception you can start preparing yourself at the event. Meet the EDEN fellows, Board and NAP members, Secretariat staff who can help you to find out best how to exploit the event. The pleasant surroundings will ensure inspiration for intellectual exploration dialogue learning-partnerships and collaboration. The EDEN fellow award wil be presented during the reception.


Georg Sverdrups hus, Blindern. Photo: Francesco Saggio, UiO. Source


Book and Wine Party

It has developed into tradition of the EDEN Conferences to organise a gathering in the end of the first day (13 June) for the lovers of literature and good wines where they can share by short presentations their latest interesting reading experience. Please contact Ama Auvinen if you are interested to join as speaker. Everyone is welcome to listen and discuss over a glass of wine!


Book and Wine Party at the 2012 Annual Conference in Porto

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner on 14 June, with entertainment, will be organised in Oslo Military Society Conference Centre, a beautiful building in neo-romantic style, was built in 1878, as Christiania Military Society. Its classic interior features elegant furniture and many details that give the house a good, warm atmosphere.
The Conference Centre is located in the city centre by the Oslo Fjord, besides the famous medieval Akershus Castle.


The Dinner is combined with a folklore programme at the beginning. The EDEN Best Research Paper Award will be presented at the event.

To book your place for the Dinner, please fill in the relevant section of the Online Registration Form.

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