Annual Conference, Zagreb

Corrado Petrucco, University of Padua, Italy: Digital Storytelling as a Reflective Practice Tool in a Community of Professionals

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It is an indication of the breadth of research and methodologies presented and the different research paradigms which co-exist, compete and complement each other within our research community, that the judges differed in their selection of the top papers during the initial selection phase. However, after considerable deliberation we unanimously selected ?Digital Storytelling as a Reflective Practice Tool in a Community of Professionals” by Corrado Petrucco, University of Padova, Italy as the winner of this year?s EDEN Best Research Paper Award. The judges found that this paper is based upon original, empirical data and focuses directly on the major theme of this year?s conference which is ?E-learning at Work and the Workplace. From Education to Employment and Meaningful Work with ICTs?. The research paper is about digital story telling that allows us to make a linkage between the oldest form of teaching and learning (story telling) with the newest evolution of learning modalities (digital learning). The qualitative research methodology used is very creative and resonates with the interpretative context of the digital stories and itself tells a compelling story. We also note that the results are transferable to many workplace and academic contexts.

Nominated finalists of 2014

Session A2
Let?s Look into the Future! E-Learning Trends and Hypes in Academic Teaching
Helge Fischer, Linda Heise, Matthias Heinz, Kathrin Moebius, Thomas Kohler, Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Session C1
Online or Blended ? Comparing Online and Blended Courses
Miki Kritz, Einat Rozner, Miri Shonfeld, Jacob Gujski, Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and Art, Israel

Session E1
Badging and Employability at the Open University
Patrina Law, Leigh-Anne Perryman, Andrew Law, The Open University, United Kingdom

Session F1
Digital Storytelling as a Reflective Practice Tool in a Community of Professionals
Corrado Petrucco, University of Padova, Italy

Session F2
Distinctions between Computer Self-Efficacy of Pupils and Teachers in Elementary School
Tomislav Topolovcan, Milan Matijevic, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Members of the Jury

  • Terry Anderson, Chair of the Jury, Professor in Distance Education, Athabasca University, Canada;
  • Kay MacKeogh, Senior Lecturer in Oscail, Faculty of Distance Education, Dublin City University, Ireland;
  • Sandra Kucina Softic, Assistant Director for Education and User Support, University Computing Centre (Srce), University of Zagreb, Croatia;
  • Ulrich Bernath & Thomas Hülsmann, Trustees and Directors of the U.B. Foundation, Germany.

Read the 2014 Book of Abstracts and Projects online here.