Information on Session Arrangements

Parallel ‘research-speed-dating’ paper sessions

Technical equipment in the sessions rooms

Laptop (MS Office, Power Point), beamer and WiFi will be available. Presenters, if they wish to use PowerPoint slides for their short (6 min.) presentation (max. 4 slides including title), are asked to send them to by Monday, 20 October in order to be uploaded to the computers in the rooms in advance. Authors can test the smooth running of their PowerPoint presentation during the break before the session.

The duration of paper sessions will be 105 minutes, with 6-7 presentations. As registered conference delegates have electronic access to the accepted papers before the event, presenters can concentrate on highlighting the points they consider as most important of their contribution.

Structure of the session

  • Session Chair introduces the concept and is the time keeper for the session.
  • Presenters have 5-6 minutes to cover key concepts and ideas in their papers and pose questions for the following discussion.
  • Once presenters are all finished, the entire audience breaks into smaller groups by following the presenter they wish to talk with further into a corner of the room or even elsewhere if appropriate. Each small group is facilitated by the presenter.
  • Session Chair draws the room of participants back together 10 minutes prior to the close of the session.
  • Presenters report back to the whole group for 60 seconds the key messages coming from their group.

Poster session

The Poster session takes place on Monday, on 27 October. Posters will remain displayed on both days.

Structure of the session

All presenters are expected to be near to their poster during the dedicated session on 27 October. Participants can move around to find out more about the posters and discuss with the presenters.

Best Poster Award voting procedure

All participants can vote by sticking a gold star on the posters. More than one star can be added to any poster. All delegates will receive three stickers at the registration desk upon arrival.

The Best Poster Award will be presented at the Gala Dinner by representative of The Open University.

WiFi availability on the site

At the conference venue WiFi access will be available.