Conference Themes


TASS Evaluation and pre- and post-training assessments: specificities in the work based learning environment: what and how to measure
WBCD Measuring competence development in work based learning
QFIC Qualification, competence validation and recognition issues
COOP Enterprise-education (Academia, VET) co-operation
EUNI The entrepreneurial university
MLS Mobile learning solutions at the workplace
ILSD Informal learning and self-development at the workplace
ROI Economic aspects of education and training: ROI, benchmarking, performance indicators, success factors
INNO Innovation in e-learning business models, management processes
ICT ICTs in support of transitions from school through vocational and higher education into the world of work
STRU Distance and e-learning and the restructuring of educational levels – vocational, post-secondary, and higher education
DPED Digital pedagogy in adult and lifelong learning
TELW Telework and e-learning
SCL Scaling up work based learning by ICTs
MIND Educational mindset for the workplace
GUID Student guidance services and their effectiveness at universities
QLTY Quality aspects: assessment and evaluation, retention techniques, performance support
NETW Working and learning in networks, communities of practice, social media – social interactions in workplace based e-learning
SVET E-learning solutions for vocational education and training
VWC Best practices adaptable by other white-collar VET stakeholders
CARE Building ICT competencies for carers
RISK ICT-enhanced teaching/training of excluded or at-risk groups