Partners and Venue


The conference venue is located in the Hypo Centre business building considered one of the most attractive centres in Croatia, providing an excellent setting for the event with professional facilities. Thanks to the distinct architectural concept the Centre is becoming a new recognisable meeting point in Zagreb. Trendy restaurants, cafes, fitness and wellness centres are also at hand for delegates to spend time beyond the conference hours in a friendly environment.

Address: Ulica Josipa Marohnica 3, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


The University of Zagreb University Computing Center (SRCE) is a public entity that was founded in 1971 as computing center of the University of Zagreb. While it is the oldest infrastructural institution of the academic and research community in the area of application of information and communication technologies (ICT), SRCE is still one of the key subjects in planning, designing, construction and maintenances of the newest computing, communication and information infrastructure of the scientific and higher education system. It is an expert centre for ICT and centre for education and support in the area of ICT application.

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city in the Republic of Croatia, located along the Sava river on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountains. It is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman era to the present day. Its geographic position provides an excellent connection between Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea. Zagreb is a global and cosmopolitan city, and one of the leading centres of Central and South-Eastern Europe, with an abundance of fabulous visitor attractions to discover and explore.