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#EDEN15 Video Broadcast Recordings

The #EDEN15 Conference Plenary Sessions were live streamed.  See the recordings on EDENTube – EDEN’s Youtube channel:

Keynote Interviews

Keynote speakers of the conference were interviewed by Steve Wheeler. See the interviews with Audrey Watters, Marci Powell, Jim Groom, Maarten de Laat and Martin Weller on EDENTube – EDEN’s Youtube channel:

Photo Album

We collected the most memorable moments in a photo album for you, click below to see them all:

Collaboration is inspiration: Your social media for #EDEN15

Thank you for joining us in tweeting, posting, sharing and curating the 2015 EDEN Annual Conference with the hashtag #EDEN15 on all channels.

Keynote speeches drawing processes recorded

Martin Weller: The Battle For Open
Jim Groom: The Uneducation of a Technologist
Belinda Tynan, Marci Powell, Darcy Hardy:
From the Classroom to the Boardroom
Maarten de Laat:
Networked Learning in Open Practices

Audrey Watters:
Learning Networks, Not Teaching Machines
Xavier Prats-Monne:
Between EDEN and Earth:
Albert Sangra: Expanding Learning Opportunities for the Last 25 Years
Alan Tait: From Distance Learning to Open Education: A Changing Landscape
Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos: The New Role of Open and Distance Education




Conference news in the media

Thanks to the UOC media team for their dedicated work with the local media. 

See UOC’s video report:

Catalan subtitles: Video Summary

Spanish subtitles: Video Summary

Interviews with Audrey Watters, Maarten de Laat and Darcy Hardy by UOC’s “Open Thoughts” Blog

Press Releases:

English   Spanish Catalan

10th June

“The distance between on-site universities and online universities will become increasingly smaller” 


11st June

11st June

12th June

12th June 12th June


  • Article from UOC Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research, Marta Aymerich, in the newspaper ‘Diari de Girona’ in Catalan: “Dels goters en rajava una dissolució amb aminoàcids perquè poguessin estudiar durant més hores seguides”
  • Article in the newspaper ‘El Economista’ in Spanish: “La distancia entre las universidades presenciales y las universidades en línea cada vez será menor”
  • Article in the newspaper ‘Entre Estudiantes’ in Spanish:  “La distancia entre las universidades presenciales y las universidades en línea cada vez será menor”