Best Research in Progress

In 2020, EDEN introduces the new Best Research in Progress Award. The prize recognises the quality of the research in progress being presented in the full posters category at EDEN’sbi-annual Research Workshops. An innovative selection process blending standard high quality procedures and more open and participative processes assures the impact and value of this new recognition for scholarly full posters describing ongoing research in the field of open, distance and e-learning.

The selection process took place in collaboration with RE@D – Revista de Educação a Distância e eLearning and was divided in two phases. A specially appointed jury preselected three nominees.

Members of the Jury for the 2020 EDEN Best Research in Progress Award to be granted at the 11th EDEN Research Workshop in Lisbon are Alda Pereira (Chair), Associate Professor, Universidade Aberta (retired), Portugal; Editor-in-Chief of RE@D; Antonella Poce, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre (UniRoma3), Italy; Vlad Mihaescu, PhD, Associate Professor, Politehnica University of Timisoara (UPT), Romania; António Quintas Mendes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Researcher at LE@D – Distance Education and Elearning Laboratory, Universidade Aberta (UAb), Portugal; Isolina Oliveira, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (retired), Researcher at LE@D – Distance Education and Elearning Laboratory, Universidade Aberta (UAb), Portugal.

A total of 16 full posters submitted was considered for the competition. They were evaluated against the following criteria:

(i) Ongoing research (the research has been started and is ongoing)

(ii) Relevancy (the focus is on a pertinent and current problem, needing research)

(iii) Consistency (between the research questions and the methodology, including tools, data collection and analysis)

(iv) Innovation (novelty on the main idea, approach or methodology)

In addition, authors needed to confirm that at least one author has registered for participation at the 11th EDEN Research Workshop in Lisbon Oct 21 – 23, 2020.

The Jury nominated the following FINALISTS:

BRiPA Voting

As the winner of the BRiPA is finally chosen by the conference participants you are invited to vote on the best full poster submitted.

Every registered participant has one vote.

The voting of the BRiPA award is closed.

You are kindly invited to follow the BRiPA Award Ceremony from 15.00 CEST