Call for eLearning Papers #43 on Applied Games and Gamification

The online journal eLearning Papers is welcoming submissions for issue 43 on “Applied Games and Gamification – Drivers for Change”. Deadline for submissions is 26th of June. Issue 43 of eLearningPapers aims to explore different approaches and models that spark creative potential of people and bring together interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and produce applied games and gamified apps.

What are the basic requirements, success factors, and how can applied games and gamified approaches be used as drivers for change in various business organizations, in the field of education as well as in the society as whole?
In this issue eLearning Papers expects contributions discussing designing digital applied games and gamified approaches for change, focusing on:
  • intercultural sensitisation and collaboration with games;
  • creating awareness and introducing changes in the society;
  • game design as a platform for collaboration (of different stakeholders, different institutions, different nationalities, etc.);
  • new models that foster industry and university collaboration (e.g. game jams, summer camps on applied game design, mentoring, internship, …);
  • applied game design and gamification use cases and piloting results from academia and industry.

Further questions and detailed explanations about the call, submission guidelines and instructions for writers can be found here. Please be aware of the deadline and submit your paper until the 26th of June.

The guest editor is Maja Pivec, Professor of Game Based Learning and Learning with Multimedia at the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Austria.