Easy joining to EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals

It was never easier for individuals to join the NAP – Network of Academics and Professionals if your institution is member.  The EDEN NAP is FREE for individual applicants from EDEN member institutions. Requests are processed in consultation with the parent institution.  There are currently over 200 EDEN Institutional members, including universities, national associations, professional bodies, international networks, research institutions and companies. How to find out if your institution is EDEN member? Click on the Details below.

Step 1

Check the EDEN Member’s institution list.

  • If your institution is listed, you are entitled to be a NAP Member.
  • If your institution is not listed, and you are interested in becoming member, please consult the online application form or write to the EDEN Secretariat.

Step 2

Upon joining, your institution’s contact might have already listed you. If it is so, you received an e-mail from EDEN with login and password to the NAP Members Area.
If this is NOT the case, please fill in this online form.

Step 3

Grab your login and password, click on the NAP Members Area and start networking!

The NAP ? Network of Academics and Professionals is the EDEN community of individuals either nominated by their member institutions or individual members. The NAP is electing its Steering Committee every 3 year and has its own dedicated online community with all NAP members signed on. The Network of Academics and Professionals numbers over 1200 individuals and has its own online community, the NAP Members Area.